You’re With Us Tonight – Remember the Troops this Memorial Day

You’re With Us Tonight

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words and music © 2002 Rick Horvath OGWA Music
All instruments: Rick Horvath
This song is dedicated to our US Troops fighting overseas.

There’s a sense of fear, a loss of hope
A sadness in your eye
You live your life like you number’s up
But your bravery helps you fly
You made the choice – to fight for your freedom
In hopes to make it right again
These truths we hold – oh oh

With every mile between us
You’re with us tonight
God speed to a life that leads us
Cause you’re with us tonight

The sleepless nights, the endless days
A threatened way of livin’
With nothin’ more that the buddy at your back
But you work with what you’re given
You won’t forget the girl back home
And think about the bond you’ve grown
To have and hold – and cherish when you’re old


All that I ask for, all I pray
All of the children return one day
And when it happens
Gonna take a lot of time for me – and you – oh oh