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Euro Dance Electronica Music from the mind of Rick Horváth
© 2013 OGWA 20131 Published through OGWA Collections
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This album is dedicated to my furry little buddy Panda who left me 1 year ago today. Be thankful for what you have, never forget what you’ve lost.

The idea for Week began in the lobby of an Italian restaurant Easter 2013. As we waited to be seated some electronic music was playing. I had never written anything in this genre so it was time to give it a shot.

Once I returned to Noodle Studios in the Poconos I started laying the groundwork for the album.

Each song would be at the same tempo. Each song would become a template used to create the following song, carrying over MIDI and audio information. The album describes the work week in a musical sense, capturing the feeling one may have during their daily routine at the job (I can somewhat recall that feeling).

I performed all the instruments. With the help of Jeremy P. who came up with the initial idea for Friday, he contributes guitar, vocal and keyboards to that track.

Saturday features a great vocal performance by Patty C. in true Euro Dance Club style. Thank you again, Patty!

Get through this Week and you will feel complete!

Some random thoughts…

the week begins
dawn, sound of drone
industrial sounds in the distance
pulsating industry, sunrise, coffee perking
the dawn of a new week creeps upon us
you all get to work, i will sit and take it all in

somber start
getting in the groove
mechanical pace throughout the day
don’t fall behind now

does it seem to take forever
goes on and on and on
can you get through the whole thing
extended club mix, techno, csi, spy, chase

my favorite day
feel the weekend creeping nearer
i like to have fun with it
may slack a bit

week is winding down
final work needs to be completed
ready for some fun
getting ready for what the night offers

Ich kann den Tag fühlen
das Wochenende ist auf mich
wenn er glücklich sein
machen Sie die Nacht zusammen
sein kann dass wir die Nacht zusammen

all slowing down
maybe do a few fun things
finally some time to enjoy
quiet in this open space
let’s keep it going

“lose the care
weekend is near
hit the track
make a mark”