Music & Programming Part 1

As Louis Jordan said “They Go Together Well”. One of the most recent combination of these two converging in my world is our newly launched music production library

There Were Times, a song co-written by myself, Freddy Monday and Randy Light – will be heard in the new Steve Jobs film Jobs starring Ashton Kutcher. The movie hits theaters August 16.

Seeing this film will no doubt bring back memories of how I started out, building and programming synthesizers and later on computers. I joke that if I were a few years older and lived on the West Coast, I’d have been working for Atari designing early video games.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be adding more back story about my experiences with early computers (with no screens), reverse engineering popular video games of that time, and where it has all lead today.

Be sure to rush to the theaters August 16th to see this amazing film.