Music & Programming Part 2

With the upcoming release of the Jobs Movie and the inclusion of our song There Were Times in the movie and soundtrack, I’m getting serious flashbacks.

In the late 70’s I was already getting introduced to computers. Here’s a photo of what I remember first programming on:

There wasn’t a screen, but you could ‘save’ your program to the little Mylar tape that spit out along the left side. Imagine typing ‘Print 1 + 1’ and getting an answer! It was fascinating to say the least. I was hooked.


I was also in to building guitar effects boxes that the local electronics store sold (years before Radio Shack existed). When I first heard about the PAIA 2700 Synthesizer kit, I knew I had to get the folks to buy me one, which they did! It arrived the night before an important school exam (possibly an SAT). That didn’t stop me to start putting the thing together.


After finishing the project, I decided I needed to modify it, to eliminate the patch cables and eventually add a foot pedal for playing synth bass during our early gigs. I still have my 2700, but it’s really only good for parts.

Commodore 64

Over the years I’d purchase several other computers that hooked up to the t.v. – the same thing Steve Jobs was doing! If I had only been a few years older and lived on the west coast, we may have met and worked together!

Tandy Color Computer (COCO)


A couple of the computers I still own (stock photos). I was able to really learn about writing code from these babies.


So now things come full circle with the Jobs Movie release! I will certainly be seeing it over and over – and watching for our names in the credits! Hope you go see it too because this an important part of our history with technology.


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