Mango & Lime Fiesta

The drink companion to the Cheeseburger In Paradise – Mango & Lime Fiesta!


From the Album of the same name!

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Mango & Lime Fiesta
words and music © 2005 Rick Horvath OGWA Music
All instruments: Rick Horvath – Patty Criscuola: Back Vocals
Mango & Lime Fiesta – the craziest party around
I could use a siesta – cause I’ve been going since the sun went down
Tropical fruit in a blender – and a bottle of my favorite rum
Mango & Lime Fiesta – there’s somethin’ for everyone
I don’t wanna be late – gotta bring a date
I’ll spend some time – with a Key West lime
If I want another fellow that’s yellow
I could go insane – looking for plantain (’cause they’re green)
I’ll lay on the beach with my favorite peach
Or try to escape with a concord grape
Grab your baby, come on let’s go
We’re gonna have some fun tonight
I was dreamin alot – about a big kumquat
– I just maya – want a papaya
Trade my jeans for some tangerines
Wouldn’t gripe – about a plum that’s ripe
I’m really a fan-a – a healthy banana
Could only hope – for a cantelope
Grab your baby, come on let’s go
We’re gonna have some fun tonight
I’m a desperado – for some avacado
But I’d be afraid a – trying tomato
If I only – had a guacomony
Let’s arrange – to get lots of orange
I would be Magellan – looking for a melon
If the moment suits – let’s pick grapefruits
Grab your baby, come on let’s go
We’re gonna mix it up tonight

You’re With Us Tonight – Remember the Troops this Memorial Day

You’re With Us Tonight

Full Album Available on iTunes

words and music © 2002 Rick Horvath OGWA Music
All instruments: Rick Horvath
This song is dedicated to our US Troops fighting overseas.

There’s a sense of fear, a loss of hope
A sadness in your eye
You live your life like you number’s up
But your bravery helps you fly
You made the choice – to fight for your freedom
In hopes to make it right again
These truths we hold – oh oh

With every mile between us
You’re with us tonight
God speed to a life that leads us
Cause you’re with us tonight

The sleepless nights, the endless days
A threatened way of livin’
With nothin’ more that the buddy at your back
But you work with what you’re given
You won’t forget the girl back home
And think about the bond you’ve grown
To have and hold – and cherish when you’re old


All that I ask for, all I pray
All of the children return one day
And when it happens
Gonna take a lot of time for me – and you – oh oh

Acoustic Blender at Cooper’s

Acoustic Blender – Rick Horvath & Randy Light
Performing Every 3rd Wednesday This Summer

May 20, June 17, July 15, Aug 19

at Cooper’s Seafood Waterfront
304 Kennedy Blvd.
Pittston, PA
Showtime: 6PM-10PM

Performing at The Cabana. Come on down and have a drink and listen to some cool summer tunes!

Coopers in Pittston